Responsible Ownership

Before a Collie leaves us as a trained service dog, there are several areas of proper care for the Collie that we address with any prospective owner. We try to convey an overall concept of how these areas contribute to the well being of the service dog.

General Environment

The first area is the general environment available in which the Collie will live. Does it accommodate the size of the dog and is it safe? Collies are herding dogs. That instinct accounts for many Collies chasing-squirrels, rabbits, children, cars -sometimes to a tragic end. For that reason it is absolutely necessary that when outdoors, the Collie is in a secure, fenced area or on harness and leash. The inside environment is also important in that it be safe and clean. Whatever should be out of reach of a child, should be out of reach of a dog. Collies are large dogs that need moderate exercise whether through playing, walking, hiking, or the like. Proper ownership means making a commitment to the exercise needed to maintain a healthy, alert, and happy service dog. Collies also do not do well when left alone for extended periods of time. Many Collies do fine while their owner is working, shopping, etc. However they definitely expect some attention upon the return of the owner. Most service dogs are with their owners most of the time. However, companionship is never to be neglected.

Proper Nutrition

Nutrition is another area of responsibility. We at Palmetto Service Dogs can offer advice about foods that do an excellent job meeting the needs of the Collie. There are many excellent products on the market and some serve different breeds better than others. Most veterinarians can also provide help with proper nutrition. Part of responsible ownership means feeding the service dog with healthy food and providing clean, fresh water available at all times.

Responsible ownership requires commitment that equates into time and to some degree finances. It is estimated that the cost of responsible dog ownership in the United States is approximately $800-$1200 per each year of the dog's life. Please take this into consideration before owning a dog.

Palmetto Service Dogs is very happy to answer any more questions that you may have.


The last responsibility is grooming. Collies need regular brushing to prevent tangles or mats. The rough coat does not easily mat but will do so if not given attention. However, with routine brushing, it is easily maintained. If needed, a local groomer can provide the service.