When a service dog is placed, one of the first actions is to have the collie meet its new veterinarian. Veterinary care is essential and will include rabies vaccinations, other inoculations that prevent a myriad of dangerous diseases, treatment and/or preventative care of parasites, including heartworms. Palmetto Service Dogs will provide every owner with the initial health record that can be conveyed to the veterinarian. Based on the information, the veterinarian will set up a schedule of care for the Collie. Herding dogs, in particular, can be sensitive to a class of drugs that are routinely administered to prevent heartworm infestation.

We will make certain that an owner knows the genetic test results, which the veterinarian then must know in order to insure that the Collie is not given any of the drugs that could cause a reaction. Fortunately, there are effective alternatives to this class of drugs.

Service dogs should be genetically, mentally (temperament), and physically well suited to the tasks required in their work. Here is a brief description of ways that we try to insure that our Collies do make excellent service dogs.




Whether we plan for a Collie to be used in our breeding program, be sold as a pet, or be trained as a service dog, we use DNA testing. The one usual exception is if the Collie is clear of a particular disease or condition by parentage. If for some reason we breed a non tested individual, all the pups are tested individually . Of course to be clear, not all diseases or conditions can be assessed in dogs any more than in humans. However, by this method, we are able to advise potential owners of certain conditions that may be present. No Collie would ever be offered if there were any life threatening condition or any condition known to be detrimental to its ability to be a service dog.


All our Collies are bred to conform to the breed standard for the Collie. Please see the information above in the About Us section for information on the breed standard. The Collie should be intelligent, alert, and possess a bright expression. Collies are very expressive in their love of life. As pups, our Collies are socialized with other dogs and with people. When bred correctly, they are loyal, devoted companions. Collies are naturally very well suited mentally to be service dogs.



No Collie is placed as a service dog if there is a known physical condition that would prevent its functioning. For instance, eyesight is checked by a certified veterinary ophthalmologist if a pup is not genetically cleared. In addition, all our Collies receive proper veterinary care including inoculations, heartworm preventative, other parasite preventatives, and physical examinations. Our Collies are fed proper nutrition and we expect that to continue when they are placed with a new owner.

As experienced breeders, our goal is to offer Collies that are healthy and have a reasonable chance of living a full, meaningful life. Not all conditions can be anticipated, including those caused by poor environment once the Collie leaves our premises. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.